Rock Star Reality

So this morning I’m reading the news about Charlie Sheen. He makes a quote that I want to make sure that I get right so I look it up. I’m pulling this from another article:

Despite his love for his children, Sheen said he was not worried about his kids’ being negatively affected by his lifestyle choices or recent headline-making actions.

“I’m not going worry about it, or I can say, ‘Hey, kids, your dad’s a rockstar. Look at his experiences. Look at what he survived.’ Bang. There are some of your lessons, but the real lessons are going to be in the future,” Sheen said.

Well I can tell you, Mr. Sheen, your kids will see this and you cannot make excuses for your life. I, the Rockstar of Life Coaching, will tell you that they will follow your example, good or bad.

Last week, I posted something about being balanced like a Rockstar. Well, I wanted to make another part of it today to help define the word Rockstar. A Rockstar is someone who is a standout, trend-setting, top-of-the-line EXAMPLE of what someone should be in their defined field. When I tell you to be a Rockstar at work, I mean that you have defined what a top performer would do and decide to do it yourself. When I write about standing out, I mean standing out from the crowd as a good example. This means you are setting the example for others to follow.

I am totally against the idea that you must be a drug user or a megalomaniac or burn the candle at both ends, making a fool out of yourself to be a Rockstar. I believe Jesus was a Rockstar. He changed the world through a peaceful, loving, walk and asks us only to follow His walk by faith. Ultimately, He set the biggest example set by any person that ever walked this earth. And when He was betrayed, beaten, then hung on a cross for hours to painfully die, He did not resort to anything to take the pain away. For me, He was the Christianity Rock star of all time.

I think of Rockstars as people who define their world, sometimes working through immense pain, or working through abuse that someone has given them. They rise above it and shine to a level that some never have in the field they work in.

This is the Rocker Life Coach message that I will always talk about. Yes, find a dream that you want and pursue it. Along the way you push through the tough times in life and become the shining star at what you do. You will find that the tougher the things you have to do, the harder you will work the luckier you will be by everyone else’s standards. But it won’t be luck; it will be hard work.

I am not going to make any big point in today’s blog, no steps to count down. I just want to get one thing across: to be a Rockstar in life you will have to go through a bunch of dirt to be a outstanding flower of a human being.  Take your world and use it to grow to become a Rockstar. And a Rockstar is not a person who just abuses himself or herself to become famous.

I hope my small words today in some way motivate you to push through the junk in your life.


I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach, telling you to Live… Love… Rock on.

If I can help you become a rockstar and live your ideal life, email me at


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