Weekend News about Hope and Your Dream

It’s Sunday morning and this week I’m going to post a week of blogs about hope and change. I have five stories from different people who have all touched my life; some of them said I have touched their lives as well. The subject of hope is big for me, especially in a world where bad news and stories about reckless living seem to spread faster and further than words about anything positive.
This week in one of my Yahoo! news feeds, there was a pop-up story of a lady who started to pursue her dream at 39 years of age after tragedy in her life. If you read online news, you have seen the story of Laura Vikmanis. I don’t want to tell her story here. I’ll just say that the news story this week was about how a movie writer has bought the rights to sell her story so you’ll have a chance to see for yourself what she accomplished.
The thing that struck me was the story of someone who was at an age where worries of hitting middle age in a society that worships youth, and who had a family to worry about as well, still had hope for a better tomorrow and for achieving her dreams. This lady stood up and took on a dream to show her young girls that you can pursue your dreams no matter what age you are.
This is what my work is about: no matter how bad you crashed, no matter how old you are when you crash, no matter how you feel when you crash, get back up and pursue your dream. If you have crashed, and life is down now, why not take this time to pursue a big dream? After all, what do you have to lose?
So my message today is to have a dream, pursue a dream, live a dream. No matter what life may be sending your way right now, grab hold of Hope. Continue to hope in a better tomorrow, in your own personal dream to succeed, and in making the changes to make that life happen. This is something all of us need to show to our kids, too, and the next generation that is following us. Our message of living for hope will teach those who follow us because they will see how we walked the talk and didn’t give up.
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I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach, spreading my message to Live the life you always wanted, by Loving what you do and the people around you. Then you will become the Rockstar in your world.

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