Starting Over Week: The Sunday Preview

Over the next five days I want to start a week-long theme of starting over. If you are human in America and over the age of 40, at one time or another you have probably started over, thought of throwing everything away and starting over, or you know someone who had to start over. I went to the Amazon search page and checked to see how many books cover this subject. Did you know that there are over 500 books about starting over? The subjects cover a wide array of topics about starting over, from bankruptcy, to divorce, some about  business failure, to loss of a loved one.

I have been working on an E-Course that will be out soon on finding a new you. I started to research the subject back in 2005 when I was starting my life over again. It will be about total transformation of your life, from finding out where you are now to finding your true self, then setting goals to reach a desired life that is really what you wanted all this time.

As I am writing this morning (who am I kidding, it’s afternoon to the rest of the world), I’m thinking of many people I know that hold on to their lives so hard, they hate where they are. Yet fear drives them so much they are afraid to let go of this life they hate, and they are unable to see what could be out there for them. They’re afraid of the unknown, afraid they won’t be able to survive. Currently in my life, I love what I have, and love the people I get to share each of my days with. I watch so many people who don’t love their life yet are still fighting to keep it. Why?

So each day this week we are going to focus on the keys of the subject of starting over. Each day will have a different story to help you see if your life needs a start over. These things you will get a better understanding of. Here are some things you will get answers about:

Find out where you are now. Define where you have failed in your current situation.

Find out where you really want to go this time. No more chasing fantasies.

Set realistic goals to take you from your current situation to your new life.

Learn to handle delays; be ready for resistance at any time. You will have some bad days.

What’s your attitude towards life? This will determine how happy you are with any choice you make.

If you break change down to finding a true path, and find what it is you’re really searching for, you will save yourself and others a lot of pain. So as you look at this week in blogs, really start to think about how to be successful at starting over.  If you need help, that’s what I do. I help people to start over and go in the direction they truly want to go in.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. I hope your weekend is a good one and you are enjoying it. I’ll see you tomorrow. Until then, Live the life you have always wanted, Love what you do, and where you are, and develop a plan to become the RockStar in your world.



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