Rock ‘n Roll Lessons: Don’t Worry About It

Good Friday morning to you. I waited until Friday to do this one for a reason: it’s a message that says the weekend’s here; let’s not worry about those little things we made it through this week. And you know what?

There’s a song about that!

Let’s get out some of the facts about the song we are using today, and the singer. It was released in 1988; it was a song that I remember hearing in the Top 40; it made number one on the hit chart and held the spot for two weeks. The interesting thing about this song is no musical instruments were used. Yet it has a message that far outreaches anything that could have been made with instruments. It has a message that I have tried to spread in so many ways, in all I have worked to teach, in every part of your life. Put the words to this song to action in your life and you can become a much happier person.

The song (as you’ve probably guessed) is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and it was a song that was made by a great jazz musician who the pop world would probably call a one-hit wonder. The musician, Bobby McFerrin, made all the sounds, music, vocals himself. It is the only number one hit that was done a cappella.

But what we want to focus on in this post is how worry can affect our life. As a Christian, I have thought a lot about what the biggest sin is. While some may list things like murder, or lust, or stealing, the sin that I believe is committed most is worry. We’re told many places in the Bible to not worry, to let God handle it. He takes care of the littlest bird, and He will take care of you. How many people can add an inch to their height (or should I say, in this day in time, take a pound off themselves) by worry. All it does is cause you to stress more.

Think about many of the things we worry about. Why do we do that? It’s most likely not going to happen anyway. If you worry about it, you may actually be making the thing you are worried about happen. I personally have come up with the greatest solution for worry. I hired someone to worry for me. I told him if he takes care of all my worries, it’s worth $100,000 a year. Now, my partner asked how we are going to pay for him. I told her, “I don’t know; let him worry about it.” I know she just didn’t see the humor in it.

Bottom line, as we mentioned yesterday life is short; don’t waste it with worry. Try this exercise: take whatever worry you have, sit down for five minutes and write 10 things on paper about how to handle the worry. Then start with the first idea and work your way down. If you have reached the 10th thing and the problem is still not solved, then do it again. I would rather have a system like this to put my worry aside and keep my mind free for those important things in life than indulge in aimless worry that is unresolved. Take your world and make the changes that are needed to keep you from a life of worry.

If you want to find out more about the great person Bobby McFerrin is, check out his website at  I spent more than an hour there reading about all he has done. If you only think of him connected with that one song, you are missing out on some great music.

So with this week coming to a close, here is my challenge to you: Have you made a great statement about your life? How about a song that says “This is my song in life”? I urge you to create those two things for your life. Also consider making a playlist on your mps or iPod of songs that motivate you. I have one and will share that list with you tomorrow. My partner has a similar list – we even share a few of the same songs, although most are very different, just like yours will probably be different. That’s the point; they’re yours.

I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to Live the life you always wanted, Love what you do, and those you share your life with. How can we help you become the RockStar in your world?

PS : If you’re looking for some support finding your dream, you purpose in life, I’m offering a free 30-minute coaching session. There’s no obligation and no commitment – just 30 minutes that can change your life. Contact me through this website, email me at, or call me at 214.616.8912. Your world is waiting for you.

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