Loving Life Week


This week’s theme is “Loving Life.” I actually began truly loving my life a number of years ago. I was inspired to this by my dad. I recently wrote a blog about how he lived to be 70 years old and how my mom tells that he only had two bad days in his life. That is an inspiring thought. He loved life.

The first time I ever heard or saw the words “loving life” was on a bumper sticker of a District Manager that came to our shop when I worked in New Hampshire. I was a young man and I went to church, but I had never heard that line in church. I met this man and no matter what life gave him he seemed to always be smiling.

Maybe you know someone like this who always seems to be happy, a person who makes the room smile when they walk in. Here is the tough part though, they have tough times too, they just never show it when others are around and they don’t let it change their overall outlook. They love life and choose to show that life that to the people around them.

So this week we will dive into this subject with five short blog posts that will discuss how you can love your life, no matter what it is that comes your way. This subject is part of my next book that is coming out soon on the subject of loving life, finding your passion, and turning it into your fortune.

I hope this Memorial Day weekend you are enjoying time with family. We are having a good time on the boat, around the house, just loving life and remembering those who fought for us to have the freedom to live in this great country and love life here. We’re also remembering those loved ones we’ve lost and being thankful for the roles they played in our lives.

So even though it’s a holiday, be sure to take a moment to read our first post on loving life tomorrow. I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to live the life you always wanted, Love what you do and those you share life with. I’m here to help you become the RockStar in your world.


There’s still time to take advantage of our May special of six months of unlimited email coaching for just $260. Or you can go month to month for just $69 dollars a month. And we’re planning our annual RockStar Road Trip in September down historic Route 66. Join us for five days and four nights that will change your life. For more information email me at tim@rockerlifecoach.com or call me at 214.616.8912.

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