Did you ever look at your life and just wish things could get better? I have been thinking about this lately, while going through a few challenges. In each of our lives, challenges or obstacles come out when we are working towards a goal. That is just a fact that we must live with. But does this mean we should stop working to make life better?

I am still reading through the book Onward by Howard Shultz from Starbucks. I just read a part where he describes the process of the coffee, from picking it from the tree all the way to where it is made into your coffee, or espresso drink. It got me thinking about the whole process of making a cup of coffee and wondering how we ever got to the process in the first place. How did anyone work out that by doing all this stuff to the beans then pouring hot water over it, you can drink it? Of course, to look at most any drink, you have the process from growing the products to making it into a drink. Yet each time we drink anything we do not go through in our mind what must happen to make that drink taste good.

So imagine whatever drink you drink on a regular basis, whether you are a person who loves coffee, a person who enjoys the taste of a great beer, the taste of a good wine, or maybe you just like a good tea or lemonade. There is a process to making that drink, over the years it has been perfected to provide you with the product you now love and get on a regular basis. And the people and businesses that make that product research and taste many new combinations of their drinks each year, to make the beverage taste that much better.

Now let’s apply this to your life. If you actually worked to make your life better would your world get better? Would everyone look to you and say you have perfected life. Think back to the coffee, if we just made it the same way and never worked to make it better, would so many of those people love coffee and its taste today? Would it be such a favorite drink for so many people? If those who made the wines we enjoy never worked to grow the perfect grape, or learned the proper way to age the wine, would we be drinking just a red grape-tasting liquid?

So look at your life and see, what are you going through that will make your life better with age? To make you seem like the perfect wine? What tough times are you going through that are like turning up the heat in the roasting process of coffee and that will bring your flavor of life to perfect your world?

I know that I must still learn more to make this life of mine better. I know the roasting part of my life has its challenges right now. But I will be of a better flavor thanks to the roasting the fires of life. I know that those times in life where I was struggling with just the right amount of water for the right time in picking, will make a great tasting wine. When I am aged in life and have learned what I need to know, at exactly the right time, my life will be a robust taste to those around me. Hope you become the flavor of life as you work to make yourself better.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. Start living the life you have been dreaming of, learn to love what you do and those who you share your life with. Let us help you become a RockStar where you are.

Do you want some help going through the things in life that are putting you through the seasoning process? It’s my job to help you work through challenges as you pursue your dream. Call me at 214.616.8912 or email me at Let me know how we can help you.

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