Lost Week

Tomorrow begins a week of posts about lost. No, this is not about the TV show that was the talk of coffee rooms, personal meetings and such over the past seven years. I wanted to talk about losing and how we deal with it. This week we will address five different kinds of loss in our lives that either make or break people.
So, come back tomorrow morning and see what our first “lost” subject is. After all we all have lost from time to time. Let’s hear how some of us get through it.
In the meantime if you have a story about being lost or experiencing loss in your life, I’d like to hear it. Maybe you lost a job or career that you loved and will never be able to return to. Maybe you lost that one sweetheart that got away and still are not over it him or her. Or you could have lost like I have in life: best friend, father, business, a marriage, money, a car. Basically, I’ve hit bottom more than once.
If you have lost and want to share, email me this week with a short spot on your story, leave contact info so I can call or email you to get some details to share a story to help others.
See you tomorrow. This the last full week of August, and our summer is winding down fast.
For now, live the life you always wanted, by learning to love what you do and those you share life with, develop the plan to be the RockStar in your world.

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