BE Our Guest 2012

We have less than eight weeks left in 2011. This has been a great year for me, as well as our blog. In 2011 many of you have told me how you liked the stories I use and how they related to you. I have received emails telling how a story helped you grow through something in your life. I started this coaching business in the first place because of the thrill I get when people tell me their lives have changed because of the things I believe and share in this blog, through my other writings, and in our one-on-one coaching sessions.

In 2012, I will be changing up the way I do the blog, with a post every day including Saturdays and Sundays. What I need from you, my faithful readers, is help to get this done. I will make Saturday a guest post day. If you want a way to get your name or ideas out to those who follow my blog I want you to consider submitting a post for use on But to be fair, there will be some guidelines. I will state them up front and if your post does not fit inside our guidelines or does not work for a particular week, I will send it back with some notes for changing it if you still want to provide a guest post.

Before I submit the guidelines I will tell you how to send your posts to me. You will send your post to me as a Word document (.doc) or as a Text document (.txt) attachment to an email. You may also use Google Docs if you choose. Email your post to  I will review it and you will receive a date when it will be posted. Now for the guidelines:

1.  It must be about a self-help or personal growth subject. The best way is to tell a story about how you learned something in a unique way. Maybe it was something that came to you like the High Ropes came to Janet Tingwald in her guest post and how you learned from it. It’s always best to make it a personal story.

2.  No Politics or Preaching. I will not post anything about issues that are political in nature or focused on religious conversion. If the blog is clearly trying to convert people to a certain political or religious way of thinking, this isn’t the forum for you. This blog is about people thinking for and helping themselves to make a better world. Not how a government or religious group or any such thing needs to change our world. This is not to say that you cannot use quotes from a scripture or religious text to show how it motivated you, but it’s not about converting anyone to any certain religion. And, of course, you can reference your church experiences that may have influenced you as well as political events that are shaping people’s thoughts today. Just don’t preach.

3.  It must be original in form. You cannot repost something here that you have posted on your own blog. This is new material for the readers here. It must be yours and not something you have borrowed. I ask you to write it, not your assistant. You will get a promotion to your blog or site from me so you will not have to add that.

4.  No foul language. I must keep the language clean. It’s a high standard I decided to keep in print form. I know it may be rough if you have heard me speak as you know I drop a few bombs along the way but this blog is meant to be readable by everyone.

5.  It must not be dated material. As I will only using these on Saturdays the last thing you want is to post something and it be four weeks before I can use it. Make it something that can be posted anytime.

6.  Include or attach a photo of yourself and maybe your company logo as well to use in the post. Also include a link to where I can find your website and more information about you. As I said above, you will get credit for your post so we want to be able to include short biographical material about you and let readers know how they can read more from you.

7.  All posts must be within 500 to 750 words to be used. They will all go before my editors before being published – mostly for grammar and spelling corrections. If you want to minimize the editing, make those things right before you send it to us.

I am sure I will go back and add to these guidelines over time. I wanted to send this out now as we will start these posts on Saturdays as soon as we get some to work with. I look forward to hearing some of your stories and how you learned from something cool like I’ve learned from places like rock music, movies, American pop culture, the Bible and entrepreneurs.

Here is to your success and to growing your blog in 2012 just like I grew mine in 2011. I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dreams to love what you do and those you share life with. Write a post to get to our fans and start your own RockStar status today.

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