You Rock

Good Tuesday morning to you. We are continuing our week about words you want to hear at this time of year. You had to know that sometime this week I would use this phrase. At this time of year another great thing we like to hear is “You Rock.” This is usually the result of something you did that was not an out-of-the-way place for you to go. You hear it about something you do on a regular basis, so when you hear it you are likely thinking, “Whatever. I was just being me.”

The lesson today is to keep doing things that are you. That is what happens to me as I help people change the world they live in by finding their true passions. It is usually a really big deal to the people I’m working with but for me, it’s just what I do. When you start moving in a direction that you are meant to flow in you seem to become a RockStar in it. That is where “You rock” comes from.

You may not know the story of how the great guitarist Eddie Van Halen got started. He started playing a guitar that belonged to his brother, Alex. The more he played it, the better he became at it. Now many think of Eddie as a guitar god. He simply followed the path that his natural gifts took him. Thus we could look at him play and say, “You rock.”

If you ever watch the movie Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon plays a young boy, Will. He seems to be a math genius. When asked by his girlfriend how he does it. He says, “I look at the math problem and it makes sense to me. Beethoven looked at a keyboard and it made sense to him; I look at it and I see white keys, black keys, three peddles and it confuses me. But math problems make sense to me.”

In your life if in 2011, if you did not get many of the “You rock” moments from people, maybe you are not in the right path yet. You need to start looking for the path that makes sense to you. Maybe you need to pick up another instrument that brings out your talent like Eddie did. Maybe you need to study to find out what it is that is a natural extension to who you are.

Yesterday’s topic was “Good job,” about finding the places that you did good, finding the talents around it that maybe are a little different and seeing what you can find that you can excel at. I look forward to hearing how you made a great change in 2012 and to telling you that You Rock.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with, find that niche that makes you rock in life and become a RockStar doing it.

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