New Habits

Good Friday morning to you. It’s the last weekday of the year in 2011. I have been putting so much thought into this week, planning out this week and knowing this would be that last day of this week’s theme, the last regular blog post of the year. So I wanted to make it great, memorable, something that would move you to plan some great moves to change your world in 2012.

I want to take you back to this time last year. The end of the year for 2010 was good for me. I was making plans to move my business to another level in the New Year. I was going to do new things that would change my world, planning to come out with new books, planning to launch my New You program. I was doing a lot of writing. I had traveled many miles on my motorcycle during the year and was looking forward to planning the first of many road trips to help people. I was working on the idea of a motorcycle road trip as both an adventure and a self-discovery and growth seminar for the participants. But that all changed December 31, 2010.

My mother had just arrived for a two-month visit and I had taken her to visit IKEA; we had a few more places we had to stop. But while driving home, at about 4 pm, my mom received a phone call that was rather strange. It was the hospital back home calling to tell us that my dad decided to start his new year early, and not on this earth. This blog post is not about our loss. It’s not about family. I do miss my dad and this year there have been many new levels I’ve taken my business and personal life to that I would have called him first thing to share with him. Yes, I miss all that and it was hard to celebrate the holidays this year as it’s my first without him, the first one where I did not receive his call to say “Merry Christmas.”

As I said, though, this is not about him. It’s not about the way that we lost him. Each year we all try to have great New Year’s resolutions. We set great goals for our lives; we want to start over and change our world. As far back as I remember each year I took the New Year as a time to make that one move that was life-changing. I made the plans, and planned to start them on New Year’s Day. But something is always going on in our life that can keep us from making the changes to be that new person we want. We always have something that could be a hurdle to get over.

Last year losing my dad on New Year’s Eve changed my plans. I was to be at a riding event we do every year on New Year’s Day. I could not make that. I was up at 4 am New Year’s Day and on a flight back to Pennsylvania by 6 am. I was trying to find a rental car and was not sure how long I would need it. I was making arrangements to find places for everyone to stay as I had family coming in from around the world.

The plans I had made to start my new year were all on hold; handling family events always takes you from your business plans. As I said, life will have many things to throw at you. So how do you get started to make your plans work in 2012, no matter what gets thrown your way?

It is now that you need to create new habits to make your plans happen. Gwynne works part-time as a leader for Weight Watchers and she has told me how she gets her people to start the New Year by practicing good habits and changing old habits before December starts. She challenges her members to start their goals right NOW; don’t wait for a special day as your start day. You can plan to change your life anytime. You need to form habits that make your plans come to work.

Now, my new habits would not have changed the fact that it was my dad’s time, but they could have impacted how long I delayed before implementing the changes. For example, if you want to change your life and live a healthy lifestyle, you change your eating and exercise habits – now. Life events will happen, but when you have a habit built in to make your life better it’s no problem to work around the speed bumps and life events that are going to happen.

In 2012, I have bigger plans for my life than last year; I have created the habits already to make them happen. As my life consists of lots of travel, I have to be able to work on things no matter where I am. I continue to build my business no matter where I’m at. I did not get started with the many things I wanted to do this year until March. Imagine if I had put those habits into my life before my trip to Pennsylvania for a month!

So as we finish up this year, I hope you have put the habits into your life that will help you reach those goals you have been planning to reach. The journey is going to have a bump in the road along the way. Habits will help you maintain on those days that you cannot work to move forward.

This will not be the last blog post of the year. I am doing a “best of” blog tomorrow to finish out our year. Until tomorrow, I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Create habits to enjoy the journey and then you will always be the RockStar in your world.

2 thoughts on “New Habits

  1. bikermonkey

    Man Tim, you have had me thinking all week long with these posts and I am excited for 2012. This past year has been incredible, however, lots of improvement coming personally and for BikerMonkeyBlog. I really get a lot out of your messages and thank you very much. God bless and ROCK ON brother.

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