Best of 2011

Wow! The year is over! As I’ve said many times this year, I hope we have been able to help you have reach your goals. If you have not, then it’s time to reset them for next year, learn from what you did and did not get done. Yes you have to take a look and say, “I failed. How can I use this to succeed next year?”

Today is the final day of the year and one last post for this blog. I wanted to do a “Best Of” for this year, and thank those who read them each day, making these posts so well known. Congratulations to those who found something to push them through to new heights after reading one of this year’s blogs and reached for goals that far exceeded anything they thought they could reach before.

With that I’m going to head into this year’s 10 best posts. These aren’t just those voted best but also some I chose myself for special reasons. Here they are:

  • Hope and Change. The Dude. This was not only part of one of my favorite weeks, but it started the use of weekly themes. This was the post that came out about how my dad, in his 70 years, said he only had two bad days. When we looked back over his life and the many trials that he had faced, he never considered any of them a “bad day.” He is and always will be a hero to me, not just because he was my dad, but because of an old concept that is not seen much anymore: my mom built him up to me. She made him a hero in my life. It was one year ago today we lost him, and I’m sure he is still doing the regular maintenance on all the vehicles in heaven. He is the original Dude to me.
  • Have You Seen My Farm? This was one of my favorites to do. I have loved the fact that we can learn so much about ourselves by how we play a game. It also came about from the story of the grandma who told her granddaughter she had left her farm then in the dying breath tells her the riches and farm are on facebook.
  • Entrepreneurs I Want to Meet. This was a week-long theme I did a few months back, talking about how to learn from those who have become our leaders. I did the entire week on people like Jim Koch, Howard Shultz, John Schattner, various social media leaders, and Steve Jobs. It was a few months after this that we lost Steve Jobs.
  • Starting Over? Dream Big. In April we did a theme week of starting over. I liked the Dream Big concept. With many people I help start over, the main thing I focus on is thinking bigger this time.
  • Rock ‘n Roll Lessons Teamwork. Another one from April was a week on lessons learned from Rock and Roll. One of them was about team work and how some bands have learned to work together, how they were better as a team. Others are still working on that. But I’m glad to hear that Van Halen will be touring with David Lee Roth again next year.
  • Road Trip: Detours Delays and Treasures. I wrote this blog while sitting at a Starbucks in Joliet, Illinois. I had just gotten through a 10-mile back up and was about to head south on Route 66 for days.
  • Stop Hanging On and Take That Jump. This is one of our best guest posts. Janet Tingwald, another great coach I talk to, told her story of the time that she learned to take a jump and have some faith. We posted it in the middle of our Faith and Fear week.
  • Dude Rules. In February, someone asked me what rules I live by and I wrote a post to tell how I live by my own rules in life. I focused on the fact that they are my rules and I should not hold you to my standards.
  • Random Saturday Challenges. I was able to be at the start of the Hoka Hey motorcycle challenge; to see the spirit that was there among those that were taking off was great; to see the challenges that people faced as I followed the stories of it on their blog inspired me.
  • Hire a Life Coach. Last month we did a weeklong theme on the reasons you would hire a life coach. The week covered five reasons and the first day had such an interest that it became one of the most-read posts of the year.

With that I want to say a big thank you for the many people who read. At the time of my writing this we are just short of the goal I had for total hits for the year. I have put together just over 250 blog posts as of today, most of them this year. It looks like we will finish out the year with just under 7500 readers. Thanks to all of you. I hope that you were able to make changes in your life that brought you results that mattered.

In 2012 I have many goals and places that I will be taking my blog. Tomorrow I will have a short post with my announcements for 2012. It’s time to be the RockStar in your world in 2012. Rock on.

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