Companies That Go the Extra Mile

Good Wednesday morning to you. As we move into the middle of this week of going the extra mile, I wanted to bring you a true story that happened to me just recently. It inspired me to talk about the businesses that have it as part of their goal to go the extra mile for their customers.

You may not know this about me but most of my purchases are done online these days. I have gotten to the point in my life that I like to research the best deal for my money. I still visit two fast food chains for food on a regular basis: McDonald’s and Arby’s. I know their menus and the prices by heart. Last month I received a coupon offer from Living Social, one of the coupon mailing systems. It was such a bargain that I clicked and purchased it.

They mailed a set of coupons to my house that I could take to the stores and on the back of the coupon was the statement that I was to receive one Big Mac. The only charge I would pay was for tax. So I took it to one of the McDonald’s restaurants in Irving. I was told the coupon only gives me a $1.25 off the price and I had to also pay another $1.85. Imagine my surprise since this would have me paying just over $4 for a $3 sandwich!

So, I come back to my home office and immediately posted this info to my Twitter page tagging both the McDonald’s, and the Living Social Twitter accounts. Then I sent emails to both McDonald’s and Living Social complaining about my experience.

Within the hour I received an email from Living Social with a phone number to call at McDonald’s to receive a $5 gift card from them. Within 24 hours I received two more emails telling me they were working on this problem. Within 48 hours I received a letter in my mail box with an apology from McDonald’s and that $5 card. That is better service then I received from the manager at the original McDonald’s in Irving, Texas. She told me it was “tough” and that I was keeping her from a trip to the bathroom.

My point to this is that the McDonald’s corporate office went the extra mile while the local manager told me “tough.”

The other place I to a lot is Arby’s. Every time I go there, they go the extra mile in just asking me what I like; they have never made a suggestion based on whatever promotion they are trying to sell. They want to know what I, the customer, like. Then they make suggestions based on what I say. Did you know that if you get great service at an Arby’s they have a bell you can ring as you walk out the door if you received great service. I urge you to ring that bell for the service you receive and see what happens when you do that.

There is another place that I go to experience workers who go the extra mile. I have about five Starbucks shops I visit on a regular basis in the Dallas area. Most of them have my drink ready when I walk to the counter. The one or two times it just did not taste right, they asked me how to they could fix it, then made me another drink, followed by a coupon for a free drink on my next visit. I know from my experience working there that they have a policy to just say “yes” to the customer.

These are just a few ways that I personally get extra-mile service here in places that you would not expect: fast food restaurants and coffee shops. In my travels I know many small mom and pop shops that give this kind of “extra mile” service in our fast-paced world. Why not go to the comments section and tell your story of service you’ve received that goes the extra mile?

I want to say, this is my way of saying “thanks” to McDonald’s, Living Social, Arby’s and Starbucks for the extra mile examples used in today’s post. These are some RockStars who already go the extra mile.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Go the extra mile in your business and be the RockStar in your world.

2 thoughts on “Companies That Go the Extra Mile

  1. Great anecdotes, Tim!

    I can’t readily recall a recent incident (unfortunately) where a company has gone the extra mile for me, but I’m not currently in a ‘purchasing peak’ in my life right now due to very low funds, but I will share this little tidbit… which I believe fits the theme of the week.

    How often do we complain about bad service compared to ‘going the extra mile’ to praise good service? We take it for granted, almost expecting to be treated like Kings and Queens, but how often do we sincerely say thank you to the (perceived) ‘little people’ in our busy lives? The bank teller… the receptionist… the counter clerk… the office cleaner… the help desk on the phone? I’ve made it a point for over 2 decades now to call or write an email to that person’s manager. We all want personal recognition and praise, but if we are not dishing it out, can we really expect to receive it in return?

    As an unexpected consequence of thanking and praising these people, I have had access to private, direct numbers for help desks and support (no waiting in those irritating on hold queues!) I’ve received calls from these people thanking me because they were promoted in their jobs. People have told me of gifts and awards they have won just because of my call or email. It made ME feel like a rockstar… Try it, you’ll be amazed at the results that can happen, and it takes next to no effort to say thank you properly.


  2. I now do absolutely all of my shopping in Irving at Kroger simply because they have provided much better customer service than Wal-Mart or Target, including giving me quarters as change if I need them for laundry and doing whatever is necessary to make the shopping experience pleasant. Wal-Mart and Target “cannot afford” to go the extra mile even when I told them that I would now do all my shopping at Kroger.


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