Make a Comeback, Rock n Roll Never Forgets

Its been a few years, but if you recall it was just after the start of 2011 this was the newest venture. Writing and creating content around personal beliefs, personal interest, and personal growth.

When Rockerlifecoach blog was started in 2010 it was just a place to voice in the world what was wondering around in my head. Searching for a place to call home, a place to get the thinking out, and see if others were interested. Things really took a turn to get to work when in losing my father. In the months after he left us it became time to get serious about this idea.

Its funny that it took my dad leaving to get serious about this business, then in 2012 losing a great mentor Zig to get me to finish up my book.

Well its time to return to the roots of what started my blogging career. Rocker Life Coach blog was the start of what is now the Rock Around Your Blog system, The foundation to the program Write Yourself to the top. The reason we help with Blog and Video con, and the roots of The Simple Easy Marketing system.

As old time rock n roll singer Bob Seger puts it, you can come back, because Rock n Roll Never forgets.

We are relaunching, to bring you more growth strategies for both your life, and business using Rock n Roll Music, Pop Culture, and good old fashion hard work.

We will be posting regularly on this site about motivational personal growth ideas. Most of the posts will be written by me, But some are going to be written by the many people we have helped get started in blogging, Live stream videos, and online marketing.

So its time to hit the subscribe button if this is your first visit, join our blogging communities on facebook, or join our email list.

Always remember, if you’re still breathing you can make a comeback at any age.

Im Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach, remember Love what you do, Live every moment, and Rock on…


Tim Gillette is a Speaker, Award winning Blogger, Best Selling Author,  and Host of the Blog And Video Con hosted in Dallas Texas every fall and spring. Join the list to get updates how to make your online marketing Simple Easy at 

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