Start with making your bed

A few years ago, while attending a conference in Los Angeles I had the privilege to meeting 2007 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year Larry Broughton. To say the least Larry is a man who inspires me. It’s not just his story, but it’s his actions, his pursuit of improvement, and his discipline to do those things that make you successful.

Over the years I’ve heard Larry speak at many events, had the privilege of having him on my radio show. Larry wrote the forward to my book Takin Care of Business. Today I would like to share with you the greatest inspiration Larry taught me.

Back in the days of running my car wash business it was a daily routine that built that success. Doing things to keep my world moving when I had nothing to really keep me moving. This one thing was something that was not part of my life.

Then I met Gwynne my wife, one of the first things she noticed when visiting my house was that the bed was all messy still. Making my bed was not something I did unless company was coming over. Since we have been together that was the only thing Gwynne requested, I do since my getting up time is much later than hers.

In 2014 while at a conference Larry Broughton did a talk and opened with if you want to change the world, start with making your bed. That became an inspiration as Gwynne had me doing that and the dots were connected with how much more successful you feel when you know you made your bed in the morning.

When doing research for writing this session, a great piece of information that I came across was the fact that while Michelle Obama was first lady, she instructed the white house staff that her daughters had to make their own bed. That was so cool to hear, I remember my mom and dad telling us to make our bed when we were kids.

So, if you want to change the world, or if you are just on this journey to rebuild your life. Start with making your bed. Get that feeling of success knowing you started your day with an accomplishment.

See you tomorrow when you take another step and changing your world.

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