Hi. I’m the Rocker Life Coach, Tim Gillette, a life-long entrepreneur.

As a child I always wanted to create and control my world. I was always thinking of what I could do for a businesses. At age 10, I mowed the neighbor’s yard for a few bucks a week, and Dad paid me $1 to mow ours. I sold “The Grit” newspapers in my small town at age 11 (mom signed off on it because you had to be 12 to deliver them). At age 12, I wanted to be like my  cousin Tommy, who had his own auto body shop.

As a teen I was told that getting a college education was not best thing for me; they told my parents to send me to a trade school, that I should be happy just working a job in a trade. My parents enrolled me in a drafting program in a vocational school and I worked two jobs in this field outside of high school.

As a young adult I worked mostly around the auto industry: at car dealers, cleaning and prepping cars; as a mechanic; in auto body and paint.  At age 26, I was driving trucks, but an accident on a loading dock left me with epileptic seizures. It was then that a friend from church invited me to a direct-selling / MLM program and it was here that I heard those things that I had first believed as a child.

At this time in life I started businesses and as ways to make a living. I had to find ways to put food on the table, so I started doing whatever work I could get. My first strong business idea was going to customers’ houses and washing and waxing cars and trucks for them. I put my money together and partnered with an auto mechanic to have a body shop and car detailing shop in his building. After six years , I ended up divorced, and I decided to sell everything and move to Dallas, TX.

In Dallas, I met great business leaders and I would sit and take in any wisdom they would give. I worked with a truck repair shop for two years, taking parts and service sales to new levels. I left there to work with a friend to help start a home audio-visual company. Once they were up and running I left to pursue my own business idea again – another car detailing business. This time we took it to different levels by working with companies offering a benefit to employees for their length of service. The company paid me to clean company cars. This lead to setting up at commercial buildings and having a car wash right at the office building. In 2004, I received an offer from another person in the business, to purchase my company.

It was at this time I learned about what a coach or mentor is. I worked with my best friend Rich, a mastermind and thinker. He started me thinking about a career or vocation helping others. But our friendship was cut short by his heart attack and early death.

While trying to figure out what to do next, I searched many options, took a few years and enjoyed life, and worked part-time for a national coffee chain. Then I started an investment company, focusing on condo and home rentals. While I’m still part owner in this company, the idea that my friend, Rich, planted in my head eight years ago: to help others by coaching them to success. This is where I find my true heart. In all these years I have had a hand in coaching so many people in starting new businesses, and in a few cases helped save people from mistakes.

Rocker Life Coach was my design to help those new entrepreneurs start new businesses. I do this by helping them learn to do things right and have all aspects of their lives in line to make sure they are not cutting short their success.

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Rocker Life Coach

Tim Gillette

Leading those who want to start over with a plan, helping those who want to live a life they always wanted, by Loving what they do, to become the RockStar in their world.