Five Reasons My Blog Tanked

So has your blog tanked?? If so read this….

Skinny and Single

home-2626039_1920My blog tanked. And not in a way that can be simply explained, it’s summertime or it’s Christmas time, whatever. No, I lost fifty percent of my readers every month since February 2017.

It has never recovered.

A professional review of my blog (which is me with my glasses on) suggests the following:

1. I’m not SEO friendly. No one ever searches for what I write about.

2. I bore people. They are tired of my meaningless nonsense and they don’t gain any value from reading.

3. I don’t have any advice. I will literally post a question and someone will comment that it didn’t help them at all. (Uhh)

4. No one thinks I’m cute and charming, which is sad because I’m extremely cute and charming in real life.

5. The actual and only reason my blog tanked? I stopped writing it. I was living so high off of…

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What’s Up ?

There’s a line in the ‘90s song from 4 Non Blondes that says it all: “I’m climbing a hill of hope, searching for a destination.” I cannot believe I sang that song at a karaoke night 20 years ago. Of course, I’m not 25 years old anymore, but as I am closing out my late …

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Submit your Blog for the Top 40 Entrepreneur Blogs of 2013

Wow! What a year 2013 has been for us at Rocker Life Coach systems. We have grown and changed to work with entrepreneurs, focusing on developing leaders who use different ideas in business.During the past year, I have led several workshops and break-out sessions at seminars about building your name by using a blog and …

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The Choices You Make

Good Tuesday morning to you. I am sure we are still working full speed ahead with our goals and plans for the year. After all we are only two business days in, three days in total. So many of us, when making a fresh start, find these are the easy days. Sometimes I get asked, …

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Start a New Routine

As we come to the middle part of our week on what to do after vacation, today we are going to tackle the subject of how to build a routine that works. We started our week with clearing our heads and finding that place for meditation and spending time each day to get ourselves focused. …

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Stop Hanging on, Take that jump Now

Good Wednesday morning. I have so much on the subject of faith or fear. But have wanted to have a guest post from a good friend and fellow coach who also helps with change in life.  Please enjoy a great story from a great coach Janet Tingwald. I have a passion for people to understand …

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Problem-Solving and Self-Help

Good Wednesday morning. Today I was looking at many videos on YouTube about coaching verses counseling. As I watched all 49 videos, most of them showed coaches like myself explaining the difference - how counseling deals with the past, and coaching deals with your plans for the future. The purpose of this week is to …

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