You’ve Got to Try New Things

As we wrap up this short week about comfort zones, I want to ask this question: have you been stuck in your ways lately? For me this has been one of those trying weeks. Since Monday night I have been in bed sick, with next to no energy to get any of my regular work …

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Entrepreneurs I Want to Meet: John Schnatter

As we head towards the end of our week, we have two more entrepreneurs on the list. Today, we focus on John Schnatter. He’s a guy who sold his Camaro so he could expand the bar his father co-owned to offer pizza. When we think of all the creative things that we could do to …

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Saturday Random: Challenges

Good Saturday morning to you. It’s time to introduce something new. Many of you follow my posts here, as well as my travels around our country. Some of you are followers of my honey’s site We are both bikers, and take wonderful journeys around the country on our bikes. Many people ask me questions …

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