What A Waste

Well, it’s Thursday again and we all know that means Friday is tomorrow. I know many are in a “can’t wait” mode for this weekend. And most of these people say they can’t wait for every weekend. Well, I can wait for it. In fact, I wake up each day and love to live it …

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Vacation is over Get Focused

So you are back from vacation. Now what? Last week I took a week out of the office, away from the daily tasks that keep my business running. The fun part about my week was I was riding the motorcycle. After all the riding - and most of them were long days - I came …

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Wherever you are at, be there !

Good Wednesday morning to you. We are at the mid-week part of our theme of the Ideal Life. Today we are going to deal with something most people seem to forget about life when chasing a new goal or a new dream or, in this case, our Ideal Life. Too many times when moving towards …

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