On the Road Again

Last night my daughter and I were driving the car to an event and we were talking about the worries in life, how she could get past those things that seem to hold onto her from the past, how to deal with anxiety about the future. So we looked at the very road we were …

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Stop, Jump. Regularly

It’s Friday and it’s the last day of our week. At the beginning of this week I said we have eight weeks left in this year and it was time to act. The future is now so you need to take action and prepare. Then we talked about taking a chance so we stop wasting …

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Live Your Life NOW

I woke up this morning thinking about how I wanted to present this idea to the world. After all, the theme this week is something I talk about a lot. It’s about living your life now. The great things will come tomorrow but if you are not enjoying the moment now, you are letting your …

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