Be Yourself in a professional world.

Good Tuesday morning to you. Today I want to present to you a guest post from a very important person in my life. Gwynne she is my business partner, life partner, and most recently we started planning or her to become my wife. The great thing is I’m going to become her husband too.  Enjoy …

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One Day in Another Time Zone

Good Wednesday morning to you. We are at mid-week in our theme of Time. Last night while heading back from Phoenix, I thought about this concept of time zones. In Dallas we live in the Central Time Zone. To dive to Arizona at this time of year you pass through Mountain Time and into Pacific …

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Saturday Random: Challenges

Good Saturday morning to you. It’s time to introduce something new. Many of you follow my posts here, as well as my travels around our country. Some of you are followers of my honey’s site We are both bikers, and take wonderful journeys around the country on our bikes. Many people ask me questions …

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