It’s time to wrap up another week’s theme. Each week brings a challenge to me; it takes me to places where I learn new things and try different ways of taking a message and getting people to change. For the most part it works to help me to change and grow to use my talents …

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Occupy Life

I started my day sitting in a Starbucks, listening to all the usual sales meetings and people going about business. As I watch these people in different Starbucks and other coffee shops when I’m out, it amazes me how many people meet up with someone whom they’ve never met before. When you walk in and …

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Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow.

In our world right now we are facing tough times. When coming up with ideas for this week’s theme of giving, receiving, planning and growing, I have to say the reason I started to think of this idea was due to the Occupy Wall Street protests going on right now. As a life coach, I …

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